Project code: B-24-18

Project Overview:

Agrisearch have recently became an industry member of the AHDB Feed into Beef (FIB) project. This project aims to deliver a much needed update to the beef nutrition and feeding standards for beef cattle in the UK. Scientists at AFBI and SRUC will lead the development work that adds new features while updating models used and feed characteristics. As a project member, Agrisearch will nominate a nutrition specialist who will represent us on an Industry Advisory Group (IAG) that will have access to the scientists working on the developments and provide feedback to the developers in relation to the type and format of outputs needed by industry.

This project is largely funded by AHDB but further contributions from the industry have increased the scope of the developments that can be targeted. Following our membership, we will have access to new information that will be used to revise our feed and animal performance models.

More details to follow in due course.