AgriSearch in partnership with AFBI, CAFRE, AHDB and Sheep Ireland are hosting an online event focusing on how sheep genetics can be better utilised on farm.  The webinar which will take place on Monday 28th June 2021 at 2pm will consist of a series of presentations followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session.


Performance recording is an invaluable tool in flock management and genetic selection, but large proportions of the Northern Ireland flock remain unrecorded.  As a result, opportunities to boost sheep profit and performance are being missed.


Sam Boon (Signet, AHDB) and Aurelie Aubry (AFBI) will kick off the event by reviewing recent results from the RamCompare breeding programmes and research trials, highlighting the results that can be expected when genetics are taken into account. 


Kevin McDermott (Sheep Ireland) will then give an update on the progress being made in the Republic of Ireland and the benefits being realised from increased uptake of performance recording. 


Finally, Eileen McCloskey (CAFRE) will give a practical overview of how farmers in Northern Ireland can start to consider genetics and implement performance recording on farm.


All are welcome to attend.  To register to attend the webinar visit the AgriSearch website.

Speakers (L-R) Dr Aurelie Aubry; Dr Eileen McCloskey; Sam Boon; Kevin McDermott