The Super-G project is a European-wide project, involving the work of farmers and policymakers to develop sustainable and effective permanent grassland systems. The aims of this project include optimising productivity, supporting biodiversity and delivering a number of other ecosystem services.

On Wednesday 9th September 2020 at 7pm, AHDB are hosting a webinar as part of this project, which will focus on mixed species swards and farmer-led research. Further to the video currently available on AHDB and Super-G social media platforms, James Drummond from Lemmington Hill Head Farm in Northumberland will give details on the second year of the study where he has been trialling the performance of MSS and herbal lays alongside delivery partner ADAS to monitor animal and grassland performance.

Sam Chesney will appear in the Super-G AHDB webinar


Additional speakers at the event include independent consultant Rhidian Jones, livestock production specialist Emily Grant and Sam Chesney, a GrassCheck farmer from County Down who will be sharing his experience with multi-species swards.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • What is Super-G?
  • Sward establishment and expectations
  • Grassland trial plots performance and results
  • Project ambitions and next steps

To register for this free event, follow the link: