The third event in the EIT Focus on Farmers’ Virtual Farm Walk and Discussion series, featuring the now familiar farmer ambassadors James Evans and Sam Chesney will take place on Monday 7th September at 8pm.

James and Sam will be leading discussion on improving soil health and the use of multi species swards drawing on their own practical farming experience.

Two guest speakers from Reading University (Professor Martin Lukac and David Humphries) will provide the latest scientific evidence.  Martin will speak on key indicators of soil health and how it can be improved.  David will speak on the use of diverse forage mixtures to optimise ruminant animal production, nutrient use efficiency, environmental impact, biodiversity and resilience.

There are two preview videos available to watch now, featuring ambassador farmers Sam Chesney and James Evans. It is recommended to watch these videos in advance of the online discussion. 

The event will take place at 8pm on Monday 7th September and will be held using Microsoft Teams.  Please join early to facilitate a prompt start and keep your microphone muted and your camera turned off.


To join click on the following link:


The is an EIT Food project involving ABP, Queen's University Belfast, ABP, University of Reading, John Deere and AgriSearch.  EIT Food is supported by EIT a body of the European Union.