Videos of a seminar held earlier in the year for GrassCheck pilot farmers are now available to view on the AgriSearch website.

The seminar presentations by AFBI scientists and PhD students cover a range of topics relevant to grassland management, as well as an overview of the 2019 GrassCheck season.

Jessica Pollock delivered a presentation on one study from her PhD, which focused on the grazing management strategies for dairy cattle and how this impacts grass utilisation and performance of lactating cattle, describing how the presentation of pasture can influence DMI, animal performance and grass utilisation. Keeping with the grass management theme, Tara Meeke delivered a presentation on the effects of sheep grazing strategies on animal performance, appealing to the sheep farmers of the programme.

Lauren Chesney presented the results from her two-year study looking at the effect of different fertiliser rates on swards of different ages.  She described her findings from the study by analysing and comparing the results from 2018 and 2019 plots.  She also commented on which fertiliser rate has the greatest return on investments.

In recent times, GrassCheck farmers have been posing questions regarding the use of stabilised urea.  This was addressed in a presentation by Suzanne Higgins and David Patterson from AFBI, who have been conducting studies on stabilised urea for a number of years.

Rachel Cassidy delivered a presentation, giving an overview to the AFBI soil catchment programme which began at the end of 2017.  She described the soil pilot schemes in Northern Ireland and how the information collected can improve farm profitability and the environment.  Additionally, she described the map-based approach initiated by AFBI which aids in monitoring soil health and addresses nutrient requirements on farm and explained how soil health is linked to water quality.