On Wednesday 13th May at 7pm, AHDB will be hosting a webinar to reveal the latest results from the RamCompare project.  This includes results from an AgriSearch co-funded sister project being conducted at AFBI, Hillsborough.

RamCompare is one of the UK’s most important sheep breeding projects. With industry support, it has created a unique dataset that not only shows the commercial value of recorded rams, but also enables a deeper understanding of how  a ram’s genetics can influence farm profitability and lamb products reaching the consumer.

RamCompare data is actively enhancing the UK’s National Terminal Sire breeding programme, with data flowing into both ongoing research and the day-to-day delivery of breeding values to ram breeders. This data is collected throughout the UK with local RamCompare projects, such as those in Northern Ireland, linking into the wider work.  

Results to date have shown how well current Estimated Breeding Values (EBV’s) enhance the performance of traits of economic importance  and the value of using high genetic merit rams in commercial flocks.

Sam Boon (Signet) and Bridget Lloyd (AHDB)

The webinar will feature Sam Boon (Signet) and Bridget Lloyd (Project Coordinator) and will:

  •  Explain how the EBV’s currently available to ram buyers can influence the carcase attributes of their progeny
  •  Demonstrate the financial value of genetic improvement through a series of case studies
  •  Launch the latest RamCompare results, which lists the leading sires for each trait
  •  Show ram buyers how they can select and source recorded rams

This webinar will be particularly beneficial for those that want to improve their commercial lamb enterprise and are interested in:

  •  Reduced days to slaughter
  •  Increasing carcase weight
  •  Increasing the number of lambs hitting market specification

For further details and to book a place visit: https://ahdb.org.uk/events/webinar-ramcompare-project-2020-results