“Finishing Sheep” will be the title of two events targeted at sheep farmers, that are being organised by AFBI, CAFRE, AgriSearch and the Livestock and Meat Commission.  The events will be held on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 in Swatragh Livestock Market and Wednesday 4th September 2019 in Hilltown Livestock Market.  Both events start at 7pm and will last for approximately two hours.   These event form part of a series on “Future Proofing Beef & Sheep Farming” being held during 2019 to communicate the latest findings of beef and sheep research.

Colin Smitth, Industry Development Manager, LMC

Colin Smith from the Livestock and Meat Commission will give an introduction to markets and discuss meeting market specification and consumer demands.

Following this Dr Aurelie Aubry from AFBI will discuss the nutritional needs of finishing lambs and Dr Eileen McCloskey from CAFRE will speak on the practicalities of feeding lambs.

Dr Elizabeth Earle from AgriSearch and Tara Meeke (AFBI/QUB PhD Student) will discuss grazing systems to maximise performance of lambs.  This will include results from the GrassCheck programme.

Dr Aurélie Aubry will discuss the importance of genetics for sheep production.  This will include an update on the Northern Ireland RamCompare flock which is testing rams with a range of muscle indexes from terminal sire breeds recorded on the Signet and Sheep Ireland systems.

Finally, Dr David Farrell from AFBI Food Science Branch will discuss factors affecting lamb carcass and meat quality.

All farmers are welcome to attend. Further information can be found on the AgriSearch website.   Please note that photographs and videos will be taken at this event for promotional and knowledge exchange purposes to include press releases, social media and websites.