A series of events on beef and sheep finishing will be held in livestock markets across Northern Ireland during early September.  The events which are being jointly run by AFBI, CAFRE, AgriSearch and the LMC will cover a wide range of topics related to the finishing of beef and lamb including markets and consumer demand, animal nutrition, health planning and housing systems for beef cattle, genetics and grazing systems for lamb production as well as maximising meat quality.

The “Finishing Sheep” roadshow will be held during the first week in September with events in Swatragh Livestock Market on Tuesday 3rd September and in Hilltown Livestock Market on Wednesday 4th September.

The “Finishing Beef” roadshow will be held the following week with events in Ballymena Livestock Market on Tuesday 10th September and in Markethill Livestock Market on Thursday 12th September.

All the events start at 7pm and all farmers are welcome to attend.  Flyers for the event can be downloaded here.   Further information is also available on the AgriSearch website.  Please note that photographs and videos will be taken at this event for promotional and knowledge exchange purposes to include press releases, social media and websites.