On Thursday May 4th 2017, 17:30 (GMT) a webinar is being run about ‘Opportunities and challenges in calf housing and management for the next decade’. Join and hear about new approaches to improve calf housing and care presented by Nina von Keyserslingk. She is professor at the University of British Columbia Canada and an internationally recognized expert.

Calf care is possibly the most challenging job on the dairy farm, in part, because the milk-fed calves are the most likely to become ill. New ways of rearing calves are becoming available that can benefit both farmers and their calves, providing the potential for widespread improvements in calf care over the next decade. Join Nina von Keyserlingk to hear about these new approach to calf management. Nina and her team have dedicated many years to researching this important area to provide farmers with new insights and solutions to enhance calf survival, growth and wellbeing.

Professor Nina von Keyserlingk holds an industrial research chair at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. She is recognised internationally for her research on care and housing for dairy cows and calves. Before joining the UBC Animal Welfare Program she worked for several years as a research scientist for the animal feed industry. Nina grew up on a beef cattle ranch in British Columbia and after leaving the ranch, she went onto complete her undergraduate in agricultural sciences at UBC, and her M.Sc. in Animal Science at the University of Alberta. She returned to Vancouver to complete her Ph.D. in Animal Sciences at the University of British Columbia.

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