EuroDairy will be holding a webinar on “Compost bedded pack barns for dairy cows: USA knowledge and experience” on Tuesday 14th February 2017 at 7pm (GMT).


What to expect

Good health and animal welfare are essential elements for a profitable, consumer friendly dairy farming. Animal care could be improved by alternative housing systems, such as bedded pack barns. Join the USA experts Jeffrey Bewley and Joseph Taraba in this webinar to hear, discuss and ask questions about current knowledge and best practice in the USA regarding compost bedded pack barns.

The compost bedded pack barn is a housing system for cows consisting of a large, open resting area without cubicles. Bedded materials, like sawdust, wood shavings, straw etc. and manure are composted in the barn. How to design a compost barn? How to manage the compost process to keep the cows dry and clean? What are the advantages and disadvantages of compost bedded pack barns?

All of these questions will be addressed during this webinar.


Presenters Biographies

Jeffrey Bewley, Assistant Professor and Joseph Taraba, Extension Professor, of the University of Kentucky (USA) are specialists in innovative housing, especially compost bedded pack barns.  

In Kentucky there are about 90 commercial compost barns. Besides research on an experimental farm Bewley and Taraba also studied commercial farms with compost bedded pack barns.  They transform their knowledge into practical guidelines for the design of the barn and management of different bedding materials.




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This webinar is being run through the EuroDairy network and hosted by ZuivelNLand WageningenLivestock Research.

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