Grass growth for the last week has remained steady at 57kgDM/Ha/day.  Grass growth is predicted to fall to 50kgDM/Ha/day during this week and 38kg DM/Ha/day next week. Grass quality has also remained similar to last week and currently has a dry matter of 12.6%, ME 11.2, Crude Protein of 22.3%, Sugars 7.7%. 

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  • Growing conditions have been better than forecast, with a continuing trend of above average growth rates on the GrassCheck monitor plots. However at farm level, while there may be plenty of grass, grazing conditions are very difficult, with many farmers struggling to get swards adequately grazed.
  • As conditions dictate, implement extended grazing techniques, such as on/off grazing, separate entry/exit points and back fences, to improve utilisation and minimise both sward and field damage due to poaching. 
  • With the last round of grazing, target drier fields first, aiming to get them well grazed out, to ensure quality grass for an early spring bite.