Grass growth for the last week has fallen to 57kgDM/Ha/day.  Grass growth is predicted to fall to 45kgDM/Ha/day during this week and 32kg DM/Ha/day next week. Grass quality has declined slightly and currently has a dry matter of 12.3%, ME 11.4, Crude Protein of 20.3%, Sugars 9.1%. 

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* Growing conditions have been favourable, so growth rates are holding up well for the time of year. However, the likelihood of unsettled weather going forward will gradually reduce growth towards the seasonal average. 

* Grass analysis is typical for the time of year, with relatively low dry matters and sugars, but increasing crude protein levels.

* Ground conditions have improved, but there is still a wide disparity in trafficability across the country, which will influence your grazing management strategies. 

* Rotation length should be increasing to around 35 days, ideally with good graze out of swards to promote tillering and high quality grass next spring.