Grass growth has fallen over the last week to 63kgDM/Ha/day.  Grass growth is predicted to remain at 63 kgDM/Ha/day during this week and rise slightly to 71kgDM/Ha/day next week.

Grass quality has improved and currently has a dry matter of 15.8%, ME 11.5, Crude Protein of 18.5%, Sugars 14.2%. 

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Management notes:

  • Growth rate has fallen to the seasonal average and is predicted to remain close to the average for the next 2 weeks. 
  • Quality has improved in line with the figures from previous years. 
  • Recent heavy rain has led to difficult grazing conditions, particularly on heavier land and in the west. Apply extended grazing techniques as conditions dictate. 
  • Consider buffer feeding high quality forage where grass intakes are sub-optimal. 
  • Keep a close eye on cow condition.  Target parlour feeding to higher yielding and thinner cows. Adjust feed levels in line with grazing conditions. 
  • Aim to keep up with topping, (if required) and fertiliser applications for the next grazing cycle, to maintain grass quality and quantity.