Grass growth has fallen considerably over the last week to 67kgDM/Ha/day.  Grass growth is predicted to increase slightly to 78 kgDM/Ha/day during this week with a slight fall back and to 74kgDM/Ha/day next week.

Grass quality has declined slightly with a dry matter of 13.8%, ME 10.9, Crude Protein of 18.5%, Sugars 9.4%. 

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  • Grass growth at both sites has fallen markedly over the past week, but there was wide variation in growth between the two sites, as soil type and moisture deficit impacted some of the swards more than others.  However, with the recent rain and humid conditions, growth is likely to increase, as the predictions in the Table above indicate. 
  • ME content is still below average, reflecting higher stem content for the time of year, even though grass growth is back to the average for June. 
  • Continue to assess grass quantity and quality.  Many farms have quantity, but quality has suffered, with a knock-on reduction in energy intakes and subsequently reduced milk yields from grass. 
  • If high covers are grazed, it is essential they are topped down to 5 cm stubble.