As predicted growth has increased further in the last week to 77kgDM/Ha/day.  Grass growth is predicted continue to rise to a seasonal peak of 100 kgDM/Ha/day during this week with a slight fall back to 92kgDM/Ha/day next week.

Grass quality is excellent with a dry matter of 20.7%, ME 12.2, Crude Protein of 17.3%, Sugars 18.8%.

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Management notes:

  • Growth has continued to surge through mid May, with individual sites achieving a growth of 90 kg DM/ha/day since late April.
  • Although temperatures have dropped, growth is expected to hit its peak through mid and late May, with growth likely to be above average during this period.
  • With growth rates as high as they are currently, surpluses are almost inevitable. 
  • Although showery conditions have returned, ground conditions are excellent so there is an ideal opportunity to get swards grazed out cleanly. This will be more difficult if sward  covers are allowed to get too strong (2,800 kg DM/ha or more).
  • If covers are getting strong it is essential that these are cut out quickly to ensure the sward is growing quality grass for the next rotation.