Growth has increased considerably in the last week to 64kgDM/Ha/day.  The continued improved weather outlook means that grass growth will continue to rise to 84 kgDM/Ha/day during this week with further predicted increase to 99kgDM/Ha/day next week.

Grass quality remains good with a dry matter of 17.5%, ME 11.8, Crude Protein of 21.9%, Sugars 12.5%.

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Management notes:

  • As expected growth has responded to the rising temperatures, and with the current showery and warm conditions, growth is racing towards its annual peak.
  • It is a critical time to focus on providing grazing livestock with the correct quality and quantity of grass, as decisions made in the next two weeks will have a long
    lasting effect on grass quality and growth through early and mid summer. 
  • Where surplus grass is identified and first cut silage is not expected for a further week, consider baling these paddocks to get the sward back growing again.
  • With grass supply increasing, supplementation with forage and concentrates can now be reduced, with research demonstrating that quality grass in May is
    capable of supporting at least 22 litres of milk.