Grass growth remains well below average at 12.3 kgDM/Ha/day.  With the cool weather forecast to continue this is predicted to rise to only 43 kgDM/Ha/day over the next two weeks. 

Grass quality has improved in the last week with a dry matter of 17.5%, ME 12.2, Crude Protein of 19.3%, Sugars 16.1%.

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Management notes:

  • Low temperatures continue to restrict growth, with growth through early April less than half of the seasonal average. Growth is expected to remain below average through mid April given the temperatures that are forecast over the next week.
  • However, the lack of growth is no longer the main issue, as the persistent and heavy rainfall throughout early April has left ground conditions extremely wet, with access to fields with livestock and machinery impossible in many areas.
  • Whilst many have little option but to hold off all field operations until the weather settles, there is always the need to be ready to act quickly once conditions do improve. Keep walking the drier fields within the farm regularly as ground conditions can improve quickly at this time of the year.