Grass growth remains below average at 7.2 kgDM/Ha/day.  With the cool weather forecast to continue into early April this is predicted to rise to only 21 kgDM/Ha/day over the next two weeks. 

Grass quality remains very good with a dry matter of 18.9%, ME 12.5, Crude Protein of 23.5%, Sugars 14.2%.

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Management notes:

  • Cold temperatures continue to keep growth rates low, with growth well below the seasonal average throughout March. 
  • Unfortunately the cold theme to the weather is forecasted to continue into early April, so whilst growth is increasing, it is likely to remain below the seasonal average. 
  • The unsettled conditions are also increasing soil moistures, but as we enter April, it is critical that every opportunity to get stock grazing is utilised.  
  • Using back fences, alternating entry/exit points and grazing for short 2 to 3 hour durations will help, with the potential to graze for short periods after both morning and evening milking as day length increases.