Grass growth remains below average at 4.7 kgDM/Ha/day.  With relatively cool weather forecast this is predicted to rise to only 13.5 kgDM/Ha/day over the next two weeks. 

Grass quality remains high with a dry matter of 26.3%, ME 12.4, Crude Protein of 19.1%, Sugars 17.5%.

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Management notes:

  • Ground conditions have improved greatly in the past week, however cold temperatures continue to keep growth below average.
  • With the improvement in ground conditions, every effort should now be made to get stock out grazing, if even for a few hours daily.
  • Whilst the weather forecast is suggesting a return to more unsettled conditions, using back fences, alternating entry/exit points and grazing square blocks should be used as necessary to keep the herd grazing.
  • Cows turned out with an edge to their appetite will easily consume 3 to 4 kg DM of grass in 3 to 4 hours, and with grass quality currently high, there is an ideal
    opportunity to replace silage and concentrates with grazed grass.