AgriSearch PhD Student Amanda Dunn
AgriSearch PhD Student Amanda Dunn

Research scientists tasked with seeking solutions to problems facing dairy farmers will be on the AgriSearch stand during the Royal Ulster Winter Fair on Thurs, 10th December 2015.

These scientists conducting investigations selected for support by AgriSearch, the NI Research and Development Council, are keen to discuss practical issues of real concern to milk producers.

Dr Gareth Arnott, from Queen’s University, will be on the stand to discuss his recent review of the latest developments in dairy cow fertility research.

AgriSearch PhD student Amanda Dunn will be on the stand to discuss factors affecting colostrum quality (including results from a recent on-farm survey) and demonstrating the use of devices to measure colostrum quality.

AgriSearch will also be showcasing details of a number of studies that have recently got underway.  DARD PhD Student David Johnston (whose research work AgriSearch is supporting) will be on hand to discuss the exciting new work on high protein forages and crops.


Aside from interacting with researchers producers will have an opportunity to discuss future topics for scientific investigations with AgriSearch dairy Advisory Committee members. AgriSearch is funded by a levy amounting to £1.60 per 8,000 litres of milk produced.