As part of ongoing collaboration between AgriSearch and AHDB Dairy (formerly DairyCo) Northern Ireland dairy farmers are invited to participate in an upcoming webinar "Are you making the most of Genomics to breed a better herd".

Join this webinar with Marco Winters, Head of Genetics at AHDB Dairy, on Wednesday 19th August at 7pm to learn how UK Genomic Evaluations, available since 2012, are transforming the UK breeding industry.

During the webinar Marco will explain the fundamentals of genomics as well as evidence of its ability to predict future performance of daughter proven bulls.

Although the major focus has been on the benefit to identifying high quality young bulls early, the ability to use the exact same power of prediction for female youngstock remains largely unexplored.  Benefits for screening and management of young stock early will also be highlighted during this webinar.

Marco will also discuss how producers can use Herd Genetic Reports to help with herd breeding choices as youngstock will be included on reports from 14th August this year.

AHDB Dairy is part of one of the largest international genomic colloboration with the USA, Canada and Italy, providing UK producers with world class genetic information.

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