Ian McCluggage (CAFRE), Peter Conway and Drew McConnell (AgriSearch Dairy Advisory Committee) view the milking parlour at Rowreagh Farm - where the first of the farm visits will be held

Three farm walks, jointly organised by AFBI, CAFRE and AgriSearch, are being held on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd October. The events are being hosted on three of the dairy farms that participated in a recent Research Challenge Fund project.  This project involved almost 400 cows and was jointly funded by DARD and AgriSearch. This project examined the effect of two different concentrate feeding strategies in early lactation on the performance, fertility and health of dairy cows, and the final results will be presented at these events.

In addition, information will also be provided on dry cow management, with the management of dry cows on the host farms outlined and recent research evidence highlighted. This winter is also likely to be challenging in terms of feed efficiency, with the quality of silage made in 2014 particularly variable. Options to assist in meeting these challenges will be discussed.

In the interests of biosecurity those attending are asked to wear clean clothing not previously worn while in direct contact with their own animals.  Outdoor work boots should not be worn.  Protective overalls and footwear will be provided.

A light lunch will be served at the end of each event. The start time for these events is 10.30 am. 

The locations for each of the farms walks is noted below:


Tuesday 21st October

Rowreagh Farm, 

35 Rowreagh Road, Kircubbin, BT22 1AS


Wednesday 22nd October

Drew & Valerie McConnell, 

1 Carrigans Park Road, Omagh, BT79 7TS


Thursday 23rd October

Cathal & Conor Casey

15 Gruig Lane, Cloughmills, BT44 9JD