Dr Marijntje Speijers

Research projects selected for support by Northern Ireland farmers were under debate at the 31st Western Canadian Dairy Seminar in Edmonton last month.

Dutch born agricultural scientist Dr Marijntje Speijers, pictured, of AFBI, Hillsborough was invited to speak on ‘Treatment strategies for dealing with digital dermatitis in the UK.’

Dr Speijers then joined a panel of speakers comprising researchers from Universities in Calgary, Wisconsin and Montreal for a debate on digital dermatitis and lameness in dairy herds. Commenting Dr Speijers said taking part in the Canadian event was an excellent opportunity to learn from the work of other scientists and exchange ideas of practical benefit to NI farmers.

Through AgriSearch, the NI Agricultural Research and Development Council, farmers in the province selected lameness in both cattle and sheep for research and on farm trials conducted by Dr Speijers and team at AFBI.

The annual Western Canadian Dairy Seminar is attended by producers, advisors, researchers and industry suppliers from across Canada and the USA. Dr Speijers was one of only two agricultural scientists from the UK to address the four day conferences, which also featured speakers from Norway, Denmark, Canada and the USA.