Dr Ronald Annett, AFBI, Hillsborough whose research was selected for support by NI farmers through AgriSearch will deliver a paper at the British Grassland Society Research conference in Co Down.

Agricultural scientists from across the British Isles and from as far afield as Finland and Belgium meet in Northern Ireland for the 10th British Grassland Society annual research conference on Sept 20-21.

As papers presented at the BGS conference come from both government research workers and those employed by commercial concerns this event offers an update on advances soon to impact on actual daily farming methods.

Indeed at least six of the projects delegates will discuss were carried out at the behest of Northern Ireland farmers, who provided some financial support through AgriSearch, the NI Agricultural Research and Development Council.

Typical of the AgriSearch supported papers accepted for the British Grassland Society Conference is one Dr Conrad Ferris will present based on work by Dr Elaine Vance. A Donegal dairy farmer’s daughter, Dr Vance completed the research project whilst a PhD student at AFBI, Hillsborough. 

Her paper on ‘The performance of Holstein-Friesian and Jersey x Holstein-Friesian dairy cows within a low concentrate input grazing system and a high concentrate input total confinement system’ has already proved useful to many NI milk producers.

Other topics from AgriSearch backed research under debate at the BGS event in the Lamon Hotel, Castlereagh will include a comparison of the growth rates and carcass characteristics of hill lamb genotypes finished on a selection of forage-based diets and the impact of grazing intensity on the performance of high yielding dairy cows.
For further details of the BGS Research Conference visit website www.britishgrassslandsociety.com.

To access the results of  AgriSearch  supported research of value to those running beef, sheep and dairy enterprises browse www.agrisearch.org or contact AgriSearch Project Office Jason Rankin mob; 07710 366730