Ulster Grasslands webinar "Far Away Fields are Greener"
Tuesday 20 April 2021, 08:00pm - 09:00pm
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The webinar will be via online platform Zoom on 20th April at 8:00pm.

The first presentation will be by Vicky Morrison who moved to Ontario with her husband William and young child to set up a dairy enterprise. While living in Northern Ireland Vicky and William were working full time and farming leaving little family time. 
In summer off 2006 they purchased a 200 acre farm and moved in early 2007. This was a new experience for them moving from a grass-based dairy system to a total confinement system, feeding alfalfa and corn silage. There was also a quota system, which is daily, not annual and milk is paid on solids. The third big change for the family was the temperature change during winter and summer.
They have expanded their business and now farm 400 acres.

Vicky has taken on a new challenge, by representing the farmers of southwest Ontario on the board of Dairy Farmers of Ontario.
The second presentation will be by Rodney Elliott who sold his 200ac farm and 150 cow dairy herd in Fermanagh and moved with his wife and three children to Lake Norden, South Dakota in 2006. The couple were able to buy 300ac and build a unit for 1,500 cows within six months. The business has expanded since then to its present size of about 4,500 dairy cows and a farm staff of 50.  They now grow their own crops and have a very good working relationship with neighbouring crop farmers who welcome the slurry from the Elliott farm. There is a very high standard of cow management on the farm as well as well as been very mindful of the environment.  In recent years robots have been introduced into the business. Rodney and his wife Dorothy have been joined by their son in the business.

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