BSAS 'Biodiversity of Grasslands' Webinar 2
Tuesday 02 February 2021, 05:00pm - 06:30pm
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Webinar 2 Tuesday 2 February 2021 17.00-18.30 (UK time)


Implementation: how policy and practice could reverse biodiversity decline


Chairing the meeting is agricultural systems modeller Kairsty Topp, who is based in the Agriculture, Horticulture and Engineering Department, at SRUC in Edinburgh.

Speakers at the event will include:

  • Clare Pinches, Principal Science Analyst, Natural England: Development of policies to conserve and increase biodiversity in grassland. She will discuss the success of past and current schemes and policies relevant to grassland and suggest how these could be improved in future.
  • Ian Boyd from Cotswold Beef & , will discuss A profitable farm rich in wildlife based on his experience from evolving his farm into a mixed organic system with species rich permanent grassland and herbal leys in rotation.
  • Chris Clark, Nethergill Associates: Maximum sustainable output: making nature a stakeholder in a profitable business. Chris is a farmer, business consultant and England chair of the Nature Friendly Farming Network. Chris will suggest how businesses might survive and thrive by delivering biodiversity and other public goods as well as quality food.


Joining the esteemed speakers will be BGS President Drew McConnell, who, together with his wife, farms in West Tyrone in Northern Ireland.