The findings of a wide range of AgriSearch co-funded research projects will be presented at “Dairy Innovation in Practice” which will be held on three dairy farms from 12-14th September. 

A review of AgriSearch co-funded research has shown a tremendous 22:1 return on the investment of levy money contributed by farmers.  By applying the findings of AgriSearch co-funded research the average dairy farmer in Northern Ireland could potentially cut their milk production costs by around 5 pence per litre.  Of course this depends on farmers implementing the recommended actions, some of which will be highlighted at the forthcoming events on these three farms.  
One research project which provided the evidence of a lower organic N excretion value for NI dairy cows is estimated to be worth £5.4 million annually to the local dairy sector.

AgriSearch (The Northern Ireland Agricultural Research and Development Council) is an independent charity. Its mission is to drive the profitability and sustainability of the ruminant livestock sector.  This is done through funding and commissioning research directly applicable to farmers, whose contributions in the case of dairying are 0.02p/litre of milk supplied.

Northern Ireland’s dairy industry needs to continuously improve technical efficiency to remain in business.  AgriSearch aims to provide the current and next generation of farmers with the research based knowledge they will need to build efficient, sustainable and profitable farming business which can help them compete in a global marketplace. 

Demonstrations at all three farm walks will cover a range of dairy related issues, including the importance of good calf rearing and animal health programmes to winter feeding practices and grassland management. The events which are being organised in partnership with AFBI, CAFRE and the Ulster Grassland Society, will start at 10.30am on each host farm, with tours leaving every 30 minutes and lasting approximately 2.5 hours. The last tour will start at 12.00 pm. Pre-booking for these events is essential. Further information including links to the on-line booking facility can be found on the AgriSearch website

In the interests of biosecurity, those attending are asked to wear clean clothing not previously worn while in direct contact with their own animals. Outdoor work boots should not be worn. Protective overalls and footwear will be provided.